Florida Homebuyers Beware: 2021 Predicted to be another Hot Seller’s Market

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Hayden Hawk Investment Group is prepared for the 2021 hot seller’s market in Florida.

Jacksonville, FL, United States – April 5th, 2021. While the 2021 selling season is expected to be great for sellers, Hayden Hawk Investment Group wants to make sure that buyers are protected and prepared. Owner Occupant Buyers, First Time Homebuyers, and Investors will need to be ready for possible difficulties in purchasing homes at normal prices. Local residents specifically need to make sure they are prepared to compete with the out of state buyers flooding the entire state of Florida, in particular Duval and St. Johns County.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a very large migration from larger northern and western cities that had much harsher shutdowns in the past year. As more companies have opted the work from home initiatives, C-level Executives are finding a higher quality of life for a fraction of the price of Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle. This has driven the demand for waterfront and gated community real estate in affluent markets of Jacksonville and St. Augustine. In addition, they are seeking to enjoy the absence of state income tax by living in the Sunshine State.

Hayden Hawk Investment Group has already noticed that this annual buying season is going to be exceptionally competitive. Bidding wars on properties are currently underway, which affect local homeowners looking to upgrade. The lack of available contractors to make home renovations homes is also a driver to leave home and buy new construction.

The local economy of Jacksonville is on the rise as large Corporations are expanding their headquarters. On February 16th, The PGA Tour completed their 187,000 square foot Global home for a staff of 800 employees with a total project value of $65M. Among others with expansion are FIS and Black Knight, staples in the downtown community and leaders in the Financial and Software Industry.

The seemingly non-existent foreclosure market, have created a lack of opportunity to buy high yielding rental properties and primary residences with equity. Because of the competitive nature of this year’s housing market in Florida, Hayden Hawk Investment Group is urging first time homebuyers to make sure they are prepared. Purchasing a home is the largest investment that many consider, and it is critical to avoid getting caught up in the bidding wars. Overspending due to an emotional purchase can have catastrophic effects of future financial well-being. While homebuyers are being cautioned to keep a level head in regards to bidding wars, there are still great opportunities to improve your home with DIY projects. As Warren Buffet said, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” .

About Hayden Hawk Investment Group: A residential and commercial real estate firm focused on delivery the community with quality and state of the art homes throughout North East Florida. As one of the top homebuyers in Jacksonville, Florida, Hayden Hawk Investment Group and their subsidiary Fair Homebuyers formed as a merger between two local residents, Hunter Hayden and James Hawk. With offices in Jacksonville, the firm have closed on $75 Million dollars in real estate transactions in the past 10 years with an emphasis on helping homeowners in difficult situations, renovating houses, restoring neighborhoods and raising up communities.

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