• Oakwood Road


66 Oakwood Road
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
4 Bedroom 2 Bath
Single Family Home

Jacksonville Beach, FL is one of the hottest real estate markets in the area, with home values soring the past two years.  If done properly, these properties will sell immediately as the demand for fully updated homes is much higher than the current supply. 

This project was unique, as we dealt with an elderly couple that was relocating to a mountain retirement community.  The couple needed the funds to move, so we closed on the property and allowed them to stay for over a month while they packed their house and made their way up north.  This was a full renovation, as there were multiple walls in the main living space, typical of a 70’s style ranch home.  

The project was a seven week renovation beginning with removing all interior walls in the main living space and all flooring through the home.  We went with modern beach styles in the kitchen and baths with a rustic wood floor tile throughout.  The home was professionally staged and went under contract within 3 days on the market.  Again, the new homeowners claimed this was unlike anything on the market in the neighborhood and was highly satisfied her dream came true.