Hayden Hawk Investment Group is a Real Estate Investment Firm that acquires residential commercial real estate for rehabilitation,  retail and positive cash flow  in the Jacksonville marketplace. Our professionals are highly experienced, as they continually provide opportunities to invest, whether it may be a rental property, retail flip or simply earn a fixed return by investing in our projects. We maximize our clients’ Jacksonville investments through continual analysis of the ever-changing real estate market in support of our company mission to provide solid investment opportunities.  Client satisfaction and a high return on investment are the primary objectives in every engagement.  We created a company culture that our clients, partners and service providers can trust and appreciate.


Investors come to us for our proven and consistent methods to make a solid return without any fees or commissions. We handle everything; Acquisition, Renovation and Sale of Property.


Our contractors use high quality and cost efficient materials in every home. We customize each home to match current market demands, tailored to fit the areas interior and exterior design.


We provide returns that rival the best portfolio managers on Wall Street. Your investment with Hayden Hawk is secure with automatic equity and a fixed interest rate to produce safety and security.

“…Jacksonville, that’s our choice right now. We like looking at these second-tier cities that have opportunities for dramatic population growth.  That’s all housing demand. You can buy a single-family home there and rent it out for a 10-12% return.”
Greg Rand, Own America, CEO

Hayden Hawk Investment Group

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“In the last year, Jacksonville has seen the greatest economic improvement in the entire country and now boasts one of the top 20 economies.”
Jacksonville Business Journal


Hayden Hawk Investment Group

Hunter Hayden
Managing Member
Business Development, Operations & Investor Relations
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Hayden Hawk Investment Group

James Hawk
Managing Member
Acquisitions, Marketing & Advertising Strategy
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Hayden Hawk Investment Group
66 Oakwood Road
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Hayden Hawk Investment Group
2950 Remington Street
Jacksonville, FL
Hayden Hawk Investment Group
215 Solano Cay Circle
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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“Jacksonville has the second-fastest growing tech services base in the country. Over the past decade, the northern Florida metro area’s population has grown 20% to over 1.3 million, but business services employment has expanded nearly 50%, the biggest jump of any of the country’s 51 largest metropolitan areas.”